Name: Aldred
Species: Human (cursed - TG)
Gender: Female was male
Creator: Christian Okane
Job: Fletcher - Owns Aldred & Sons Fletcher
First Appearance: Picking up the pieces
Appearance: She is of a middling age, with a face that could be anything from twenty to fifty years old. Her straight black hair was braided with gold and silver wire and bound close to her head. Aldred had been a man till the curse had changed him into a her but she had adapted well wearing dresses and she actually seemed to love the change. It certainly hadn’t affected her fletching skills. Her only stubborn streak had been her refusal to change her name to something more feminine.

A superb fletcher - her arrows are of the highest quality. Man or woman Aldred was still a fine fletcher. Her arrows were the finest and the strongest in the whole valley and Misha gladly paid the extra money for them. The quality was well worth the price.

Aldred did have one habit that in any but an arrow maker would seem very odd. She collected arrows and was making a sincere attempt to get two of every type of arrow ever made. She already had over seven hundred arrows all carefully marked with where they were from and how she had acquired them. Many bore the words “Taken from dead lutin by Misha Brightleaf,” along with the date and place.

In later centuries the entire collection would be donated to the Metamor city history museum and be called the Aldred collection. It would occupy one whole floor of the museums vast north wing. But for the moment it remained the odd hobby of one person. Her "History of Arrows' would not be published till 25 years after her death. The tome has 75 volumes and although complete and highly detailed is mind numbingly boring. It will remain the last word on the subject for 300 years. Updated by a descendant in 1012 it remains in (VERY) limited printing.

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