Alberta Artelanoth

Gender: Female
Race: Cursed Human (Assingh)
Married to Duke Thomas
Creator: Charles Matthias

Formerly Sir Albert Bryonoth, he was one of the knights accompanying Patriarch Akabaieth on his ill-fated journey to Metamor Keep. Bryonoth was kidnapped by Zagrosek, only to return during the winter assault. He kidnapped Duke Thomas, attempting to force Thomas to be a simple horse. He was captured, and as penance, served in the Ducal stables. The curse struck him first by turning him into a woman, at which point she assumed the name Alberta. Thomas sought out Alberta in order to pretend to be her horse. Under Zagrosek's influence, Alberta poisoned Thomas's mind until he wanted to be nothing but a horse. The plot was uncovered, and Alberta was freed from Zagrosek's influence. But not without a price. Alberta lost that last shred of her masculinity, and now thought of herself as purely female. The curse struck again, turning her into an Assingh, a Flatlands donkey. Once again she changed her name, this time to Alberta Artelanoth.

After a year long courtship Alberta and Thomas were married in December 707.

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