Gender: Male
Species: Human
Creator: Raven Blackmane
Profession: Lothanas (high priest), Lothanasi Order (Elvquelin Chapter)

Alarun (ə-LÄR-ūn) is the high priest of the Lightbringers at Elvquelin, the capital of the Sathmore Empire. This position grants him tremendous political power, since the Emperor is a devout religious traditionalist and Sathmore is the most powerful nation currently affiliated with the Lothanasi. With the death of Elric, the former Lothanas of Metamor Keep, and Metamor's sudden pariah status after the Battle of Three Gates, Alarun has risen to become the de facto head of the Lothanasi High Council. Raven hin'Elric suspects that he is guilty of conspiring with the Daedra Lords for his own material gain, but as of late 707 CR she is still unable to prove his involvement in any wrongdoing.

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