The Gods of Heaven (Aedra Lords)
Kammoloth (King of the Gods)
Akkala (Healing, Purity)
Samekkh (Wisdom, Light, Knowledge)
Dokorath (Honor, War, Valor)
Velena (Love, Beauty, Truth)
Artela (Nature, Mercy)
Dvalin (Weather, Agriculture, Wine)
Wvelkim (The Sea, Marine Life, Sailing)
Yajiit (Fire, The Sun)

Akkala (äk-KÄL-lä or ə-KÄL-lə) is the goddess of healing and purity. As Kammoloth's wife, she is also the Queen of the Gods.

Appearance & Personality

Akkala most often appears as a blonde-haired woman of radiant but mature beauty; she projects more the image of the ultimate mother than the ultimate mate. She is warm, approachable, and gentle, and her smile fills those who see it with peace and contentment. Her aura is a rose-pink light.

Akkala is one of the most honorable and trustworthy of the gods; she keeps her word and honors the terms of her agreements faithfully. While she does not value excessive rules and regulations for their own sake, and she is sometimes willing to bend rules in order to serve the greater good, she believes that a commitment made is a commitment one should abide by.

In view of this attitude, it is perhaps not too surprising that Akkala has been notably faithful in her marriage. While her husband has had many illicit lovers and most of the other members of the Pantheon do not consider themselves bound to any one mate, Akkala has never strayed from her devotion to Kammoloth.

Divine Intervention

Boons: Akkala can be contacted to request powerful healing magic that is beyond the scope of the Light Healing used by the Lothanasi. This includes damage to the central nervous system, cancer, hereditary diseases, terminal diseases, the restoration of amputated limbs, and the healing of tissue that has already become heavily scarred while healing.

Cost: Anyone whom Akkala heals is given the Mark of Akkala, a kind of divine tattoo, which appears on the body somewhere near the site of healing. This shows that the person owes Akkala a favor. At some point in the future, that person will be called on to perform some task that furthers her agenda in the world.1 Such a task is always within the person's ability to perform, though it may be difficult or inconvenient.

The standard price for a healing by Akkala is either three small favors2 or one great quest3, her choice. Akkala may call in her Mark at any time; while she is not unreasonable, she does expect prompt obedience because most of her missions are time-sensitive.

In the event that a person requires more substantial aid from Akkala when the supplicant is already carrying her Mark, the price for healing may be a lifetime of service as one of her disciples.


Akkala requires her disciples to abstain from sex, drugs (including tobacco & alcohol), and the killing of any natural creature except in self-defense or defense of innocents.4 She directs her acolytes to seek out and destroy creatures of darkness, and to do good whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Actions of healing or purity — or good deeds in general — done in her name are her source of power.

Known Disciples: Scratch

Offspring & Servants

Akkala and Kammoloth together produced the first devas, one of the two races of warrior celestials. All of the Celestial Princes and Princesses who serve under Akkala are former devas who have been promoted to their current positions.

Unicorns are, for the most part, devoted servants of Akkala, and might be sent as mounts or companions for her disciples (though only for those who are virgins).


Aura: Rose-pink light.

Holy Symbol: A twin spiral — i.e., a spiral that curls in toward its center and then curls around itself on the way back out. Imagine a spiral galaxy with only two arms and you have the right idea.

Symbolic Creatures: Dove, unicorn.

Holy Day: Kala'kema, January 10th. After New Year's Day, the faithful spend nine days in reflection, fasting, and ritual purification, as they examine their lives over the last year and pray for Akkala's guidance and favor during the coming year. The last day, Kala'kema, ends with a ceremony of renewal and blessing, followed by a community meal after sunset.

d20 Notes

Greater Deity
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Good, Healing, Purification
Weapon of the Deity: Quarterstaff of Disruption

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