Full Name: Akabaieth (Apadares)
Race: Human
Born: 615 CR
Died: October 706 CR
Creator: Charles Matthias

Born Apadares of Whales, Akabaieth yearned to be a sailor, but was denied this by his father. In protest, he joined the Ecclesia, where he became known for being very forceful in attempting to convert Lothanasi to the faith. Akabaieth suffered a crisis in his life, and changed courses dramatically, becoming a champion of peace and understanding and soon rose to the rank of Patriarch. He was on a mission of peace to Metamor Keep and all of the Midlands when he was slain by Zagrosek only half a day's ride from Metamor. His body was cremated at sea like an officer of the Whalish Navy by Prince Phil, an honour that Akabaieth requested only a day before his death.

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