Full Name: Abafouq
Race: Binoq
Creator: Charles Matthias

Abafouq is unique amongst his secretive race: he wished to see the outside world. He wished this so much that in 702 CR he abandoned his ancestral home of Qorfuu and sought out the Nauh-kaee. He was taken in by the Kakikagiget of their race, Guernef. But not before Abafouq nearly froze to death in the upper reaches of the Great Barrier Range.

Since then, Abafouq has shared a cave with Guernef. From there he has used his magical abilities to study far away events and learn of the growing evil emanating from Marzac. With the help of carrier pigeons, he sends messages back and forth between Qan-af-årael of Ava-shavåis and Zhypar Habakkuk of Metamor Keep. Together they plan how they might defeat Marzac.

In April 707 CR, Abafouq and Guernef left their cave and began a long trek through the mountains to Metamor Keep. They arrived on the June 21st of the year, and presented to Duke Thomas and others what they knew and why they had to journey to Marzac. Their arrival at Metamor and the terrible events that followed are chronicled in 'Lineaments of Coming Night'.

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