Art Gallery
Image Title Artist Year Story Description
a-acbnj.jpg Charles Matthias, former headmaster of the Writer's Guild Abe Groter 1998 None A full-body portrait of Charles Matthias in casual wear.
Matthias_Rattaur_CZGoldEdition.jpg Rattaur Charles Matthias Anya Ewing 2016 None Charles Matthias as a rat-taur.
Charles_Rattaur_Reaching_for_Fruit.jpg Charles Rattaur Reaching for some Fruit Anya Ewing 2019 None Charles Matthias uses his rat-taur form to pull down an overhanging branch for some fruit.
XavierGarlic.gif Scene from "Peace and Quiet" Bauske 2007 Peace and Quiet Xavier is trying to meditate in a hedge maze in the Valley, but a man with garlic breath interrupts him.
AC09-03-Blackmane.jpg Charles in Autumn Blackmane 2009 None An armored Charles Matthias kneels against his walking staff, in an autumn scene set sometime after 707 CR.
matthiasrat_fq10-04-bushycat.jpg Matthias Riding Malicon BushyCat 2010 None A lightly-dressed Charles Matthias rides his pony Malicon through shallow water.
AC09-02-Caribou.jpg Charles with Sondeshike Caribou 2009 None A first-person view of a shirtless Charles Matthias wielding a Sondeshike, looking at himself in a mirror.
happy_moment.jpg Happy Moment Caribou 2010 None A nobly-dressed Charles Matthias holds one of his children.
matthais_comforts.jpg Matthias Comforts Caribou 2010 None A nobly-dressed Charles Matthias comforts one of his children.
hallan_alan_and_yvarra.jpg The Lion and the Unicorn are Fighting Over the Crown Caribou 2011 None Hallan and Yvarra (the lion and the unicorn, respectively) are sharing a book together. This takes place after Yvarra's stories, with Yvarra settling down to learn to read, as represented by the hat and whip hanging behind them.
matthiasrat_ac12-01-caribou.jpg Rat Taur Ride Caribou 2012 None Charles, as a rat-taur, gives one of his kids a ride.
matthiasrat_fq13-04-caribou.jpg Matthias And One of His Little Girls Caribou 2013 None Charles tickles one of his infant daughters.
Drinking_Contest%204_caribou.jpg Drinking Contest 4 Caribou 2014 Parlay Charles and Rickkter hold each other up as they make their way towards a vat of "Caribou" wine.
Daddyfox_Noir.jpg Noir DaddyFox 2016 None A portrait of Noir, wielding fire magic.
dan.jpg Dan D'Alimonte, the Keep's botanist and gardener, looking out for Lutins while on patrol Dan D'Alimonte 1998 Alone in the Dark Dan D'Alimonte wields a halberd as he walks through a forest at night.
AC08-02-DarkNatasha.jpg Matthias, Ready for Battle Dark Natasha 2008 None Charles, in light armor, wields his Sondeshike as he crouches in a forest.
MurikeerKozaithy.png Murikeer and Kozaithy Dark Natasha 2009 None Murikeer helps Kozaithy learn magic.
AC09-01-DarkNatasha.jpg Charles and Kimberly Dark Natasha 2009 Keeper's Return Kimberly looks in shock at Charles's scar, having not seen Charles in months.
terrible_news.jpg Terrible News Dark Natasha 2010 Keeper's Return Charles receives terrible news from Kimberly of his son's death, as their other three children look on tearfully.
dragon_ride.jpg Dragon Ride Dark Natasha 2011 None Charles holding one of his sons as they ride on Lindsey.
hallan_xavieravalanche.jpg A Desperate Hurricane Dark Natasha 2011 A Pack of Secrets Xavier summons a wind to repel an avalanche bearing down upon him.
fq12-01-darknatashafa.jpg Matthias, Ready for Battle (Inked) Dark Natasha 2012 None An inked version of the above sketch.
matthiasrat_ac12-03-darknatasha.jpg Matthias Taur Dark Natasha 2012 None Charles as a rat-taur, charging down a rockslide.
matthiasrat_darknatasha_matthias.jpg Matthias, Ready for Battle (Color) Dark Natasha 2013 None A colored picture of the above sketch.
VincentLois_DarkNatasha.jpg Vincent Lois Dark Natasha 2012 None A portrait of Vincent Lois, who is facing away from the viewer but looking back as he holds a coin.
juliandarknatashacon.jpg Julian Dark Natasha 2013 None Julian, the moondog morph, draws energy from the world around him to heighten his speed and strength.
matthiasrat_ac13-02-dark_natashafa.jpg Chewstick Lesson Dark Natasha 2013 None Charles teaches his daughter how to use a chewstick to comfort and trim her incisors.
Daylight_Fading.jpg Daylight Fading Dark Natasha 2012 Daylight Fading Rickkter tells Kayla a story at a table.
Chained%20and%20Collared%20on%20the%20Bridge_darknatasha.jpg Chained and Collared on the Bridge Dark Natasha 2014 Divine Travails of Rats Charles is dangling from a bridge, his claws barely holding on. The chain attached to the spiked collar about his neck could save him from death below, but to touch it would be to accept the collar forever and enslave him to the being on the other end of the chain. And that the Rat will not do! The cape bears the heraldry of the Long Scouts.
Dread%20Dream%20Bargain_darknatasha.jpg Dread Dream Bargain Dark Natasha 2014 Divine Travails of Rats In the Dream Realms, Charles bargains with the goddess of dreams Nocturna, in the form of a giant raven, using the life of his son. Malger watches from the background.
Drinking%20Contest%206-darknatasha.jpg Drinking Contest 6 Dark Natasha 2015 Parlay Charles and Rickkter have passed out in a heap from drinking too much "Caribou" wine.
Matthias_Epic_Battle_DarkNatasha.jpg Charles vs Carcarak Dark Natasha 2016 None Charles faces Carcarak, a war wolf. Carcarak was once a fellow Keeper who has been chained by Revonos. Charles is trying to pass through Revonos's realm, but Revonos is also trying to claim him as another pit fighter beast (hence the collar and chain). This culminates in a battle between Charles and Carcarak in the battle arena. Carcarak controls the powers of the winter storm, while Charles uses his affinity for stone to shape the earth to both attack and defend. Note that Charles's tail was lopped in half at this point.
Answering_the_Sirens_call.jpg Answering the Siren's Call Dark Natasha 2016 The Illusive Chain Vincent Lois lies in a bench under an ermine lady's touch, little knowing that she is a Siren, preparing to stab him with the stiletto she carries.
A_Fateful_Confrontation.png A Fateful Confrontation Dark Natasha 2014 The Illusive Chain Vincent Lois kneels in submission before Nathan, who holds a staff at the ready.
Driven%20by%20the%20Wind.jpg Look to the Sea Dark Natasha 2017 Driven by the Wind Charles and Lindsey (as a dragon) stand at the bow of the Venture Swift.
Joining%20with%20Stone%20by%20DarkNatasha.jpg Charles Joining with Stone Dark Natasha 2018 None Charles merges with the stone.
William_Dupre_inspecting_for_Dike.jpg William Dupré inspecting the Dike Dark Natasha 2019 None William Dupre inspects the overgrown remnants of a wall. He wears full armor and carries a longsword.
Nachtfangen_sketch.png Angry Murikeer DarkIceWolf 2013 None Murikeer snarls as he prepares a spell.
confrontationcolorthirdpass.jpg Rickkter, Misha, and George confronting Zagrosek, from "Never Again a Man" DarkWolfie Unknown Never Again a Man Krenek Zagrosek calmly leans back against the wall of a barn, while, from left to right, Rickkter swings a Sondeshike, Misha swings his axe Whisper, and George charges with his cutlass. Neither of them notice that Zagrosek is stepping behind him into his own shadow, lit from a single lantern above them. Surrounding them are various farming implements.
wolfie_metamor.jpg Ambassador Yonson and Habakkuk, from "Libraries" DarkWolfie 2005 Libraries Ambassador Yonson is having dinner with Zhypar Habakkuk in his chambers. They sit by an open window with thin green drapes, a corded rope hanging from the curtain rod. Yonson is taking a cherry, while Zhypar looks away, drinking from a glass. Yonson wears a fine blue shirt and trousers, and Zhypar wears a brown vest over a lighter brown shirt and pants. Rainbow-colored marks are along his shirt cuffs. Yonson sits on an ornate wooden chair, while Zhypar sits on a lounge. On the table are a bowl of fruit, a bowl of carrots, some muffins, a corked bottle, and (humorously) a slice of pizza. The wallpaper moulding behind them shows animal morphs at work and at play. A purple robe sits in the background, part of Yonson's Weathermonger outfit. A picture of a lemur in royal purple hangs above it.
AC07-06-DarkWolfie.gif Charles, a little testy after being woken up DarkWolfie 2007 None Charles has just gotten out of bed, and is grumpily putting on some pants, his shirt and belt laid out before him. He has already armed himself with a sword.
kimbaerle.jpg Kimberly and Baerle from "Natures Denied" DarkWolfie 2005 Natures Denied Kimberly sits by the hearth of a great fireplace inside a tree home of Glen Avery; Baerle kneels beside her, weeping and holding her paw. Kimberly wears a simple white nightgown. Baerle wears nothing, and has a towel over her shoulder. A kettle with spoons and tongs sits next to Kimberly; in front of both of them is a steaming teacup. Next to Baerle is a green dress. Beside Baerle is a pouch, a bolt of blue cloth, and some kind of beaded necklace. In the foreground are a spinning wheel, an ornate rug, and a finely carved wooden chair. In the background sits an axe, a woodbin, and a chest. On the mantle are an oil lamp, a jewelry box, a box of sticks (?), a clock, a knife, a pitcher, and a quill.
AC08-03-DarkWolfie.jpg Matthias in a Forest DarkWolfie 2008 None Charles walks through a forest. He is lightly-dressed with a pouch hanging from his belt. He is drawing his sword cautiously.
AC09-04-DarkWolfie.jpg Charles Tries to Take a Bath DarkWolfie 2009 None Charles is naked in a small pond; Kimberly sits on his clothes on the bank teasingly.
snips_n_snails.jpg The cast of the story "Snips and Snails" Desiree Kern Unknown Snips and Snails Various Keepers surround the automaton fox Madog. From left to right: Rickkter pulls his cape away from Madog's jaws; Charles prepares to swat Madog with a rolled-up paper; Cutter consults a book; Jon leans over to watch Misha repairing Madog's innards.
matthiasrat_fq10-02-dianaharlanstein.jpg Matthias Contemplating Diana Harlan Stein 2010 None Charles sitting in a tree in thought as leaves blow past him. He is shirtless except for a collar. He wears a wristguard on his right wrist. His upper left arm is bandaged. He wears patchwork pants and leather travelling boots with pins. He carries a dagger on his left side.
digitalblood_commish-pontos.png Ethan in Autumn Digitalblood666 2009 None Ethan in an autumn scene. He wears leather armor with plates, a red collar on his neck, leather fingerless gloves, and red pants. His weapon is similar to a glaive, but double-pointed on both cutting edges.
AlexYCH.jpg Alex Dranix Paremoon 2015 None Alex (lynx) draws his bow and aims. He seems to be holding the bow upside down; combined with his cape flowing behind him, it seems that he is drawing in haste. His expression is calm and focused, though. He wears black padded armor, a quiver with a gold plated chestband, a shirt wrapped tightly to his arms, and green gloves. His arrows have shiny arrowheads and green fletching. His eyes glow yellow as if by magic.
AlexYCHAlt.png Alex (Alternate) Dranix Paremoon 2015 None The same picture as above, but with red plating on his quiver.
George.JPG George Ebony Leopard 2008 None A portrait of George. He is aged, but well-toned. He is wielding a cutlass and carrying a kukri on his belt. He is wearing bracers on his arms and legs.
TrunkComp.jpg Thanh's Expanding Trunks Elliott Olson Unknown None A visual explanation of Thanh's expanding trunk.
CoKhiPhuong.jpg CoKhi Phuong Automaton Guild Emblem Elliott Olson Unknown None The emblem of the CoKhi Phuong Automaton Guild.
Seranima-Vernon-20121103.jpg Mistress Pascal Q. Porcupine and her Handsome Assistant Xhyz Ethan Qix 2012 None Pascal pours a drop of glowing light-blue liquid into a boiling green stew, as Xhyz looks on in awe and pops a berry (?) into her mouth. Xhyz has blue hair and wears an earring on his right ear. Pascal has brown fur with rainbow-colored stripes along her belly, her face, and on her quills. She wears leather gloves, and brown overcoat, and a green cape with a gold clasp.
autumn_festival.jpg The Autumn Festival Fable 2009 The Harvest Festival Alexis rides Drift in his taur form through the Harvest Festival of 707 CR. Alexis wears a blue amulet with gold chain and a topless orange dress. Drift wears a blue vest on his upper half, and a swirl-patterned drape over his lower half, both festooned with pins, stars, and spiked circles made from iron. In the background, to the left, are a man, a woman, and a pig morph; to the right, a fox morph, a cat morph, and a parakeet morph.
DriftAlexisRooftop.jpg A Rooftop Romance Fable 2010 The Long Day Drift and Alexis, relaxing on a rooftop under the moon.
yvarracolour.jpg Yvarra FGR 2008 None A portrait of Yvarra. She is dressed in a brown leather jacket over a white button-up shirt, a buckled belt, and brown pants. In her right hand, she carries a whip; in her left hand, a Stetson-style hat. She carries three daggers in a bandolier, and a longsword on her back.
Oberon.jpg Oberon FGR 2008 None A portrait of Oberon. He wears black leather and plated armor, held together by black chains. He carries a broadsword on his left, a shortsword on his right, and beneath it a longsword with a red-jeweled hilt. He also carries four daggers on a bandolier.
lurkingwolf_gerardfirefeathers.jpg Gerard and Amber FireFeathers 2013 The Homeward Journey Amber tearfully embraces her husband Gerard, after a long time spent missing-in-action.
matthiasrat_ac13-03-firefeathersfa.jpg Drinking Contest 2 FireFeathers 2013 Parlay After several drinks, Charles and Rickkter are starting to feel the effects of their "Caribou" wine.
plaidfluff_pascalchemist.jpg Pascalchemist Pascal Q Porcupine 2013 None A portrait of Pascal. She has black-and-white banded skin and quills, and has fine black claws. Her fur is colored purple, red, and indigo in splotches. Her eyes are jet black. Two pairs of small breasts are visible. She wears a morph ring on one hand, an open vest, a green-banded red-and-gold amulet, and a green skirt. A plum-colored potion and a brass holder with various colored pills sit on the table.
ryuo.jpg Ryuo FlyingRat 2008 None A portrait of Musashinari Ryuo. He holds a folding fan in his left hand, and a lamp(?) in his right hand. He wears baggy hakama, do-maru, and a black tokin tied to his chin.
NasojHeraldry.jpg Nasoj's Heraldry Forge Coldiron Unknown None An interpretation of Nasoj's heraldy. It is similar to a Old French-style banner, but with straight sides. Three black stars on each side and one in the base. In the honour point is a bronze crown, while in the nombril point is a green dragon.
vincent_lois.jpg Vincent Lois FuzzlePup Unknown None A picture of Vincent Lois, running through a snowy mountainous landscape, armed with flechettes, a sword, chain mail, and lots of leather straps. He wears a green-and-gold neckband and a fur-lined cloak. His bloodied right arm holds a freshly-used flechette.
FromMetamortoParadise.jpg From Metamor to Paradise H3LLy 2011 None A dimensional rift has crossed Charles Matthias from Metamor Keep with MattRat's character from the Paradise setting, Christopher Matthiez. Their clothes are swapped; CM's Virginia Tech shirt hangs from Charles, while Charles's medieval scout outfit has been torn apart by CM. The backgrounds reflect their characters; Charles is in a forest, while CM's is filled with newspaper clippings, in keeping with CM's search for others like her.
break_you_face_by_LucyPop.jpg Break your Face H3LLy 2014 None An angry Charles Matthias, wearing torn(?) stockings, gloves, and priestly robes.
poster.jpg The cast of characters from the stories of Bill Kieffer Harmony Steel 2000 None A collection of character portraits from Bill Kieffer's stories: Jaggs, Clay Potter, Grey Wheeler, Carnegie, Wicker Potter, and Lars.
AC08-05-HeatherBruton.jpg Matthias Praying Heather Bruton 2008 None A robed Charles prays in a chapel setting.
matthiasrat_fq10-01-heatherbruton.jpg Matthias Drinking in Front of a Flag Heather Bruton 2010 None Charles drinks wine in front of a banner with an eagle emblem.
james_attacks.jpg James Attacks Heather Bruton 2011 Inchoate Carillon, Inconstant Cuckold James attacks Charles in the snowy mountainside. James wields a dagger and a cracked handbell, while Charles defends himself with his Sondeshike.
heatherbrutonfa.jpg Matthias and Zachary, a Little Lost Heather Bruton 2012 None Charles Matthias and Zachary the triceratops are lost on the way back to Metamor.
matthiasrat_ac12-02-heatherbruton.jpg Repair Work Heather Bruton 2012 None Charles and Zachary repairing the side of a wall.
lurkingwolf_loisheatherbruton.jpg Vincent Lois Heather Bruton 2013 None Vincent Lois, in a priestly robe, holding a scroll.
matthiasrat_fq13-04-caribou.jpg Matthias And One of His Little Girls Heather Bruton 2013 None Charles holding one of his children, a baby rat.
matthiasrat_ac13-01-heather_brutonfa.jpg Squabble Heather Bruton 2013 Divine Travails of Rats Charlie holds two swords to the stone Charles, and seems unhappy at his father's solemn expression.
matthiasrat_fq2014_02_bruton.jpg Charlie, Sig, and Bryn Heather Bruton 2014 None Charlie, Sig, and Bryn looking ready for action. Charlie wears armor and wields a light sword, Bryn wears armor and wields a heavier sword, and the red-eyed Sig wears a cloak and is armed with magic.
AlexHeather.png Alex in the Field Heather Bruton Unknown None Alex the lynx poses in the forest, wearing armor and carrying a bow and arrows.
Showing_the_Scar_hbrutot.jpg Showing the Scar Heather Bruton 2014 Divine Travails of Rats Charles on the right shows Charlie on the left the scar on his chest, which has remained granite after the rest of him has been restored to flesh.
Charlie_Maysin_hbruton.jpg Charlie and Maysin Heather Bruton 2016 Divine Travails of Rats Charlie rides Maysin in his full zebra form for a parade.
Healing%20Wounds%20in%20Arabarb.jpg Healing Wounds in Arabarb Heather Bruton 2017 Healing Wounds in Arabarb Machias the puffin, Lubec the cormorant, and Quoddy the gull enjoy a bucket of lobsters after a flight over the sea.
Charles_Rattaur_on_Patrol.jpg Charles Rattaur on Patrol Heather Bruton 2019 None Charles in his rat-taur form, holding his Sondeshike, looking ready for a fight.
eglandintoranhug.jpg Egland and Intoran, from "Lots" Ian R. Williams 2005 Lots Yacoub Egland and Intoran hug in Egland's quarters.
tened_fullres.jpg Surviving Page of Long Lost Travelogue Ixerin Unknown None Biological and cultural descriptions of the Tened.
madog_hough.jpg Father Hough and Madog Jari Friedland 2008 New Beginnings Hough playing with Madog.
DRIFT_WOLFRAM_AND_XAVIER_by_Eggplantm.jpg Portrait from "Letters Home" John Mann Unknown Letters Home Drift arm-wrestles with Wolfram, while Xavier cheers and Donnie and a rabbit waitress look on in the background.
AC09-05-KaeMantis.jpg Charles, Armed and Ready KaeMantis 2009 None A shirtless and lightly-attired Charles Matthias wields his Sondeshike, bearing a hard expression.
message1.gif Kee, one of the Keep's messengers, delivering a scroll KeeCoyote Unknown Coyote Delivers Kee, running and carrying a scroll.
priestess.gif Raven, the Lightbinger high-priestess KeeCoyote Unknown Lightbringer Raven in a grassy field.
Cursed.png Cursed KeksWolf 2015 None Vincent Lois undergoing mental changes.
welcome_to_metamor_keep.jpg Welcome to Metamor Keep Kiba Bloodfang Unknown None A recently-cursed Kiba is in the hallways of Metamor Keep. His staff lies in front of him. His future is just now dawning on him.
a_good_book.jpg A Good Book Kiba Bloodfang Unknown None Kiba reads a book in the Keep library.
Rickkter2_Narwhal.jpg Rickkter (Pencil) KillerNarwhal 2012 None An armored Rickkter holds a wakinzashi in one hand, and readies a spell in the other. His katana is visible on his back, and he wears knives on his knuckles.
Rickkter_Narwhal.jpg Rickkter KillerNarwhal 2012 None An armored Rickkter holds a gleaming wakinzashi in one hand, and readies a spell in the other. His katana is visible on his back, and he wears knives on his knuckles.
Danielle.jpg Danielle KillerNarwhal 2012 None A naked Danielle practices her magic.
CheepandKag.jpg Cheep and Kag KillerNarwhal 2012 None Cheep does a cartwheel on Kag's head, who looks mildly annoyed at being handled.
Ethan_pencil.jpg Ethan (Pencil) KillerNarwhal 2012 None An armored Ethan charges forward with his halberd.
Ethan.jpg Ethan KillerNarwhal 2012 None An armored Ethan charges forward with his halberd.
LOIS2.jpg Vincent Lois KillerNarwhal 2012 None A naked Vincent Lois stares in surprise at his palm, in which is cut carved the design of a dagger and the words "NO LIFE HAS VALUE EXCEPT FOR MY OWN".
Danielle%20002.jpg Danielle (Pencil) KillerNarwhal 2012 None A naked Danielle practices her magic.
Kriid%20Halluw.jpg Kriid Halluw (Pencil) KillerNarwhal 2012 A Place to Call Home Kriid Halluw, wearing dark robes, fires a spell at an off-screen target.
Kriid%20Halluw3.jpg Kriid Halluw KillerNarwhal 2012 A Place to Call Home Kriid Halluw, wearing black robes and an aqumarine amulet, fires a blue-tinged spell at an off-screen target.
Cheep%20and%20Kag3.jpg Cheep and Kag (Color) KillerNarwhal 2012 A Place to Call Home Cheep does a cartwheel on Kag's head, who looks mildly annoyed at being handled.
Caroline.jpg Caroline - Pencil KillerNarwhal 2013 None Caroline steps out from behind a tree, ready to fire an arrow.
Caroline%20color.jpg Caroline - Color KillerNarwhal 2013 None Caroline steps out from behind a tree, ready to fire an arrow.
thanh%20001.jpg Thanh (Pencil) KillerNarwhal Unknown None Thanh stands in the darkness, holding a witchlight.
thanh.jpg Thanh KillerNarwhal Unknown None Thanh stands in the darkness, holding a witchlight.
mc%20001.jpg Misha & Caroline (Pencil) KillerNarwhal Unknown None Misha (post-WA) holds his love Caroline in his arms.
misha_carolinecolor.jpg Misha & Caroline KillerNarwhal Unknown None Misha (post-WA) holds his love Caroline in his arms.
Narwhal%20Nasoj%20emblem.jpg Nasoj's Emblem KillerNarwhal Unknown None One artist's concept for Nasoj's heraldic emblem.
mishafox.png What Misha Says KillerNarwhal Unknown None Misha holds his axe Whisper, and does not look very happy about the "What Does the Fox Say?" song.
gerard_killernarwhal.jpg Gerard's Leg KillerNarwhal Unknown First Steps Gerard standing painfully on an artificial leg. A woman and a man look on from behind.
AC08-06-Kitsumi.jpg Matthias Posing Kitsumi 2008 None Charles standing on a tree limb wielding his Sondeshike, noticing something.
james.jpg A Black & White of James Kovu998 2011 None A portrait of James, carrying a bell and looking humble.
lutin.gif One person's vision of everyone's favourite little green monsters Leonidus A.K. Giganotosaurus 2000 None One artist's concept of a lutin.
madogHMV3sm.jpg Madog: His Master's Vise Lucius Appaloosius 2009 None Madog looks on in curiosity at a vice holding a funnel, emulating a famous pose.
zagrosm.jpg Portrait of Krenek Zagrosek Lucius Appaloosius 2009 None A portrait of Krenek Zagrosek.
charles_headshot.jpg A Headshot of Charles Macroceli 2011 None A portrait of Charles.
Dreams%20Illus.jpg Dreams Illus Max Blackrabbit 2007 Dreams A heavily-armored Drift has just been dive-bombed by a scantily-clad Alexis. She teases him as he gives her an angry look and shouts if she's crazy.
mialythila_virmir.jpg Virmir, Marginally Annoyed Melanie J d'Entremont 2010 None Virmir holds a fire spell and reaches for his sword.
AC08-04-MichelleLight.jpg Matthias Profile Michelle Light 2008 None Charles innocently tucks a religious scroll into his tunic for safe-keeping.
matthiasrat_milgrove_candidatepasses.jpg Candidate Passes Milgrove 2014 None Charles in knightly armor is thrown over a wall.
AC07-07-Rafferty.gif Charles, ready to kick some tail! Norman Rafferty 2007 None An undressed Charles kneels beside his fireplace, resting his hand on a sword and giving a menacing look.
MuriPose.jpg Murikeer Omega Red Unknown None A nude Murikeer sits on top of a ivy-covered slab, runes carved into its surface.
gornshoulder.jpg Oren and his dragon friend, Gornul Oren the Otter 1999 None Oren looks to one side as Gornul perches on his shoulder.
mkdragons.jpg Gornul the dragon and his father, Mitok Oren the Otter 1999 Visits from Home Mitok tries to convince Gornul to return home with him to the Dragonette Isles, but Gornul refuses.
mkfriends.jpg Oren, Gornul, Jesse Roo, Charles Matthias, and Phil Oren the Otter 1999 Penance and Retribution The five figures from the Song of the Childlike Warrior. Gornul sits on Oren's staff, Phil in front of him and Charles beside him, as Jesse Roo follows behind them.
mktrio.jpg The trio from Os-Var-Khai, Mong Ho, Ye and Desuka Oren the Otter 1999 The Privilege of Serving The diplomats from Os-Var-Khai, prior to their curses: from left to right, Ye, Wasoko Desuka, and Mong Ho.
weeping.jpg Oren, weeping in front of an altar Oren the Otter Unknown Visits from Home Oren weeps at a Follower altar.
dart.jpg D'Art, another of the Keep's messengers Oren the Otter Unknown None D'Art runs across a sunset-lit field.
sunset.jpg Sunset Oren the Otter 2002 None Two rat morphs kiss each other as a sun sets in the distance. Most likely Charles and Kimberly.
Raven.JPG Raven Pegasus 316 2008 None Raven descends a staircase, holding her sword Elemacil.
Mark%20Dreamer07_d.jpg Mark Dreamer Prof 2010 None Mark Dreamer, dressed only in a skirt, stands in a courtyard as birds perch on him.
WHEEE005_d.jpg Dustin and Mark: Wheeee! Prof 2011 None Dustin riding on Mark Dreamer's back.
RHJunior_Thanh1a.png Thanh Ralph E. Hayes Junior 2014 None An action pose of Thanh, wielding a three-section staff and preparing a spell.
alex.jpg Alex Red Dog 2011 None A portrait of Alex the lynx, carrying a short bow and arrows.
Gerard_Red_Dog.jpg Gerard Red Dog 2012 None A portrait of an armored Gerard, looking wistful against a forest backdrop.
matthiasrat_ac12-04-redcoatcat.jpg Matthias Suits Up RedCoatCat 2012 None Charles puts on a suit of armor.
Xavier2005.JPG Xavier Redkam 2005 None A portrait of Xavier holding a magic greatsword.
matthiasrat_rogueliger_matthiasratcommission.jpg Matthias Leaves Home RogueLiger 2012 None Charles rests his hand on the door to his home in Glen Avery before he sets out on scouting duty.
Misha.gif Misha Brightleaf, the leader of the Keep's Long Scouts Roy Pounds II 1998 Welcoming Committee Misha dressed in concealing clothes, holding his axe Whisper.
Repair.gif Misah Brightleaf fixes a music box for Charles Matthias. From the story A Small Repair. Roy Pounds II 1998 A Small Repair In his workshop, Misha takes a look at Charles's music box. Visible in the background are Misha's siege models, his lightstone, his chest containing foodstuffs and supplies, and various wood-working tools.
MadogMunches1.jpg Madog Munches Roy Pounds II 2008 None Madog happily eats the head off a mace while a guard behind him looks displeased.
fly_swatting.jpg Fly Swatting Roy Pounds II 2010 None A knight who is a rat or mouse morph angrily swats a fly.
smooch_by_RoyPounds.jpg Smooch by Roy Pounds Roy Pounds II 2013 None Caroline and Misha have a romantic kiss as the moon rises, forgetting certain inconveniences that come with an animal muzzle…
matthiasrat_fq13-03-rukis.jpg Drinking Contest 1 Rukis 2013 Parlay Charles and Rickkter snarl at each other before they start their drinking contest.
sabretoothedermine_azariah_ermine_smirk.jpg Vincent Lois SabretoothedErmine 2014 None Vincent Lois, dressed in warm clothes and carrying several knifes, gives a mischievous smirk.
sabretoothedermine_azariah_ermine1.jpg Pyrrhic Victory (1/4) SabretoothedErmine 2013 None Vincent Lois runs from his target, feeling something beginning to affect him.
sabretoothedermine_azariah_ermine2.jpg Pyrrhic Victory (2/4) SabretoothedErmine 2013 None Vincent Lois has a moment of surprise as he suddenly starts to shrink.
sabretoothedermine_azariah_ermine3.jpg Pyrrhic Victory (3/4) SabretoothedErmine 2013 None A collection of clothes in the wintery landscape. Something scurries underneath…
sabretoothedermine_azariah_ermine4.jpg Pyrrhic Victory (4/4) SabretoothedErmine 2013 None An ermine stands alert in a pile of clothes in the snow.
matthiasrat_fq2014_04_sabretoothedermine.jpg Drinking Contest 3 SabretoothedErmine 2014 Parlay Charles and Rickkter finish off the last of their current stash of "Caribou" wine.
ErmineGerard.jpg Gerard SabretoothedErmine 2015 None A portrait of Gerard.
Divine%20Travails%20Friends%20by%20SabreToothedErmine.jpg Charlie, Bryn, and Sig SabretoothedErmine 2018 Divine Travails of Rats Charlie and Bryn watch in dismay as Sig tries to catch some fish in the fountain with his mouth.
matthiasrat_salvestro_charles_and_kim.jpg So Dearly Devoted Salvestro 2013 None Charles looks lovingly at his beloved Kimberly.
matthiasrat_salvestro_matthias___kimberly.jpg Even Rats fall in Love Salvestro 2013 None Charles embraces Kimberly.
matthiasrat_fq10-03-sandyshreiber.jpg Matthias' Juggling Act Sandy Shreiber 2010 None Charles does some juggling in a silly outfit.
Annette%20Levins%20by%20Sasha_driften.jpg Mrs. Annette Levins Sasha Driften 2018 None Annette Levins, holding a pie.
shrimpmuffin_jessica_commission.jpg Kneel Shrimp Unknown None Charles is praying at the Keep's Ecclesian chapel and tries to get Hawl to kneel.
charles_and_kimberly.jpg Charles and Kimberly Silent Ravyn 2011 None Charles hiding a rose behind his back as Kimberly greets him.
orenbysis.jpg A picture of Oren's character, done by his sister Sphinx 1999 None Oren in a skin-tight suit, holding a fish.
Drinking%20Contest%205_dragonstorm.jpg Drinking Contest 5 Spider Dragon 2015 Parlay Charles and Rickkter topple over on their way to a vat of "Caribou" wine.
Dance%20of%20the%20Betrothed.jpg Dance of the Betrothed Spider Dragon 2017 Dance of the Betrothed Erick the rat is not amused by Bertram the frog teasing him about his betrothal to Lenore.
Gmork%20and%20vict_Dusk%20Hunt%20by%20Spiderdragon.png Gmork and victims Spider Dragon 2018 Dusk Hunt Gmork offers Braedor and Elbert two baubles.
cheers.jpg Cheers to You! Spix 2010 None Charles offering a toast.
Plaid2.jpg Michael the Plaid Beaver Stealthcat 2007 None A picture of Michael, in a light shirt and pants, with a timberman's axe.
Sphinx.jpg Cover Art for "Alternatives" Stealthcat 2007 Alternatives A close-up of Stealth's eye.
CheeTaur.jpg Stealth in his "CheeTaur" form Stealthcat 2008 None Stealth in his cheetah-taur form.
BigLittleCat.jpg Big and Little Stealthcat 2008 None Oberon standing over Stealth.
MishaTaur2.jpg Misha in Taur Form Stealthcat Unknown None Misha charging in his fox-taur form, carrying a small axe.
Situation.jpg Situation Stealthcat 2008 None Stealth in his cheetah form, precariously holding a pack with a box over the edge of a cliff.
SoakintheTaurbColour.jpg Soak in the Taurb Stealthcat 2008 None Misha in his fox-taur form, relaxing in a small tub, with plenty of food, hors d'oeuvres, and muffins, to keep him satisfied.
ChrismasTaur.jpg Christmas Taur Stealthcat 2008 None Misha in his fox-taur form, wearing tinsel and baubles on his tail, wearing a festival hat and carrying a plate of muffins.
BackToTheKeepColour.jpg Back to the Keep Stealthcat 2008 None A non-canon picture of Stealth in a time-travelling DeLorean, to the incredulity of Saulius
ArmourCatColour1.jpg Armour Cat Stealthcat 2008 Full Suit Edmund in full cheetah morph, wearing armor.
Pontos_Stealth.jpg Ethaniel Dilandau Stealthcat 2009 None A picture of Ethan.
Ed_copy.jpg Edmund Stealthcat 2010 None A picture of Edmund.
steeljaw_jessica_and_charles.jpg Jessica and Charles from LTOY SteelJaw Unknown The Last Tale of Yajakali Jessica watches Charles merge into the stone.
stone_matthias.jpg Stone Matthias Susan Van Camp 2011 None Charles as a stone statue.
gerard.jpg Gerard Susan Van Camp 2011 None A picture of Gerard
Virmir_MFF.jpg Virmir with Fireball Tarin Firepelt 2008 None Virmir holds a fireball as the wind whips around him.
MalgerNocturna.png Malger and Nocturna Tathi Unknown None In the dream realm, Nocturna emerges from the smoke of a campfire and dances in the form of a lynx, while Malger plays his flute.
mkduke.jpg Duke Thomas and Alberta Artelanoth, from "Lots" Terrifel Unknown Lots Duke Thomas holds Alberta's hand as she recovers from her recent transformation.
nm-cartride.jpg Cart Ride Tincrash Unknown The Long Day Drift hauls a cart of supplies, while Merai rides and chats with him.
virmir_tod.jpg Virmir Tod Wills 2009 None Virmir leaning against a tree in a thick forest.
ryxfin.jpg Murikeer and Llyn Unknown 2000 Leavetaking Murikeer and Llyn navigating through the Watchwoods.
muri_kozi.jpg Murikeer and Kozaithy Vantid 2013 None Murikeer receives an unexpected kiss from Kozaithy as she's practicing magic.
Pontos_Donnie.jpg Ethaniel Profile VengenceMKII Unknown None A side view of Ethaniel.
commissioncharlesaa5.jpg Charles Matthias in his Rattaur form VinZin 2007 None Charles Matthias as a rat-taur, holding a steel pike.
mk_tsas_cover.jpg Vale and Virmir from "To Steal a Soul" Virmir Unknown To Steal a Soul Vale and Virmir in a dark forest. The coverpiece of a story.
stealth.png Stealth Virmir Unknown None Stealth, looking ready for some action.
xavier.jpg Xavier Virmir Unknown None Xavier, activating a magic spell and not looking too friendly.
virmir_madog_800.png Virmir Meets Madog Virmir Unknown None Virmir backs away from a friendly Madog.
mk_virmir3_800.png Grumpy Virmir Unknown None Virmir, in his usual dress and demeanor.
feral_virmir_800.png Blast it! Virmir 2009 None Virmir in a magic circle, reduced to a feral wolf.
kiba2_800.png Kiba's Curse Virmir 2009 Lyte An age-reduced Kiba in an ill-fitting robe. His magic staff and a half-open bag of dust lay on the ground.
mk_gordon_1280.png Gordon Argentarge Virmir 2010 None A lightly-dressed Gordon Argentage, wielding a crossbow.
mk_ethan_1280.png Ethaniel Dilandau Virmir 2010 None An armored Ethaniel Dilandau, holding a double-bladed polearm.
mk_lois_1280.png Vincent Lois Virmir 2010 None A lightly-dressed Vincent Lois, holding a dagger.
mk_virmir_punch_1280.png Flaming Virmir Punch Virmir 2010 None Virmir punches a white-haired man, uses his magic.
kayser_1280.png Kayser Virmir 2011 None Kayser, armed with a halberd.
VincentLois.png Vincent Lois Vladek254 Unknown None A lightly-dressed Vincent Lois, holding a dagger.
assassin_in_the_night_by_whaletrainer2002.jpg Assassin in the Night Whaletrainer2002 2011 None Finbar sneaks besides a bedroom door, where someone is sitting up alert, as lightning flashes.
rat_saint.jpg Rat Saint Xenotropos 2011 None Charles Matthias praying in the Keep's Ecclesian chapel. The sun shines through a stained-glass window of a holy rat morph in the background.
fq12-03-xenotroposfa.jpg Matthias in the Mountains Xenotropos 2012 None A lightly-dressed Charles Matthias in the mountains, holding a walking stick.
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