Ancient Mystical Order of the Enlightened Beings

Proper Name of the Magic: Channeled or Spirit Magic
Title of Members: Channelers, Enlightened, Lunatics, Kooks and Frauds
Founder: Hiram Sotto
Current Members: Janelle of Metamor, Umaro and Mirna

Scope of Magic: Spirit magic is a force that works in two ways, one with the living and one with the dead. Both involve the Channeler moving their spirit out beyond their body. While doing this the Channeler describes it in terms of hearing echoes, feeling beneath the skin, or utilizing a sense in a way that can't happen. No Channeler claims to be able to see spirits or souls, though Mr. Soto was researching if such a thing was possible at the time of his death.

When interacting with the Dead the Channeler pulls the spirit into them. By doing so they gain power from the spirit which alters their body and they gain access to the knowledge of the spirit. At the same time they surrender more control over their own body the deeper in they bring the spirit. A Channeler controlling a spirit is Channeling. A Channeler controlled by a spirit is Possessed. The most a Channeler can give up to a spirit is half of their body, after that the Spirit will begin a Possession.

When channeling a spirit a Channeler's body will change as affected by the spirit. They may gain or lose muscle mass. If the spirit was a mage the Channeler may find themselves able to use magic now. While channeling the Channeler feels a constant sense of duality, feeling their body as it normally is and how it is now.

To block a spirit from invading, a Channeler has a technique called Snapping. What it amounts to is concentrating the force of their will at the Spirit as it tries to enter, and slamming it into the spirit. If the Channeler is strong enough this can disorients the spirit, which the Channeler will then push out.

When interacting with the Living the Channeler pushes into their bodies. Here they are the invading force, taking control of the targets mind and eventually body. As with a spirit, the Channeler can eventually possess a person should they invade far enough. Doing so exposes the Channeler to all the thoughts, sensations, emotions and memories of their target. Often the onslaught of fresh terror is enough to force an inexperienced Channeler out.

The process of entering a living person is called Tapping. Just by touching the soul of a living person, the Channeler can read their thoughts. By pushing deeper they can comb through their memories. By possessing the target, the Channeler theoretically could alter they mind, though a Channeler has yet to do so.

The down side, besides the inherent immorality of reprogramming someone's mind, is the individual in question becomes more physically effected the deeper the Channeler invades. The subject complains of a headache which grows increasingly severe. Eventually the headache becomes severe body pains. The Subject will attempt to resist the Channeler, but their resistance can be overridden.

History: In spite of it's name, the AMOEB is a very young group of mages, only in its second generation in fact. Founded by Hiram Sotto, upon discovering his ability to channel spirits of the dead, it's total membership is five people. Janelle was the fifth person to be trained by Sotto, taken from her home at the age of 14.

Janelle was made a full Enlightened at the age of 19. The day after she passed her final test, Sotto was killed by two of his earlier apprentices, Umaro and Mirna. Janelle escaped them to Metamor Keep, where she is the only Enlightened. Recently she has found someone with her abilities, and hopes to train this individual in wielding them.

Name of the Order: The group was named Ancient Mystical Order of the Enlightened Beings by Mr. Sotto, out of his jealousy of mage clans with thousands of years of history and ancient pedigrees. The name exists to trick people into thinking the AMOEB is more grand and more revered than it actually is.

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